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Pallet Rack Components


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Upright Ordering Information

  • Choose uprights to suit your storage requirements:

    Medium-Duty - 3" x 2-1/4", 14 gauge

    Heavy-Duty - 3" x 3", 13 gauge

  • Two frames are required per bay, and any number may be joined together in continuous row applications

  • Available in Lake Green

Uprights conform to the latest standards set by Rack Manufacturers' Institute LRFD Specifications.

Unique Design - Roll formed upright provides greater strength-to-weight ratio. Minimum-sized slots mean more steel per upright. Upright's structures are 100% mig-welded with precision K-brace and heavy-duty cross channel reinforcement for increased strength, rigidity and resistance to abuse.

Easy Adjustment - Tapered keyhole slots on 2" centers, provide quick, easy vertical adjustment of beams. There are no "dead spots" or obstructions in upright posts to impede movement of beam along the entire height.

Interchangeable - Lyon pallet rack fits with other traditional teardrop designs. That means you can upgrade damaged, weak, or worn out uprights and beams with our versatile rack. No need to change your whole system.

Step 1

Select Upright Frames

  1. Compute total frame capacity needed to satisfy your load requirements. (Weight of heaviest pallet X number of pallets per level) X number of beam levels = total frame capacity

  2. Determine "Largest Beam Spacing". Vertical distance between floor and first beam level or vertical distance between beam spacing; whichever is greater.

  3. Refer to the Upright Capacity Chart. Find the "Largest Beam Spacing" number that closest resembles the number determined in Step 2. Move down the table to the desired capacity required. This will identify if the upright is Medium or Heavy-Duty.

  4. Using the required depth and height of the upright for the corresponding type identified in Step 3, select the appropriate catalog number from the table.

Largest Beam Spacing has a significant impact on the capacity rating of an upright.

Frame HeightCapacity per pair36" Deep Cat. No.42" Deep Cat. No.48" Deep Cat. No.Gauge
96"20,600 lbs.36M09642M09648M096.075
120"20,600 lbs.36M12042M12048M120.075
144"20,600 lbs.36M14442M14448M144.075
192"25,100 lbs.-42H19248H192.075
240"29,800 lbs.-42H24048H240.085


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Beam Ordering Information

  • Roll-formed beams feature an integrated 1⅝" step for decking and are totally enclosed for clean applications

  • Heavy-duty rivet-type connectors engage upright wedge slots for increased holding power

  • Beams are easy to install, take down and relocate

  • Available in Safety Orange

Three-Point Safety Catch - Each beam has 3 rugged studs (4 on heavy-duty) that engage the tapered keyhole slots in the upright with a compression fit. Integral safety lock automatically locks into place when beam is properly seated.

Step 2

Beams 120" long and greater should be tied together with at least one front-to-back support except when solid decking panels are used.

Beams conform to the standards set by the latest Rack Manufacturers' Institute LRFD Specifications.

Select Beams

  1. Determine load weights per pair of beams.

    (Two 2,500 lb. pallet loads = 5,000 lb. beam capacity).

  2. Determine length of beam required based on load width and minimum clearances.

    (Minimum clearance between pallet and upright is 4", or for two 48" pallets, a total of 12". Use 108" beam).

  3. Refer to desired beam length and move across table to rated capacities.

    (For 108" beam and 5,000 lb. load, select beam B6500108).

Clear SpanCapacity per pairBeam-Face HeightCat. No.
96"5,200 lbs.4.1"N96
96"8,330 lbs.5"S96
108"6,320 lbs.4.65"N108
108"9,940 lbs.6"S108
120"6,140 lbs.5"N120
120"8,920 lbs.6"S120
144"6,790 lbs.6"N144
144"9,370 lbs.6.5"S144

Step 3

Select Decking

Solid Decking Panels

Heavy, 14-gauge panels feature three 3" x 1⅝" x 14-gauge hat channels welded to the underside for maximum strength and durability. Panels drop into place to provide a solid deck surface.

W x DCapacityCat. No.

Solid Decking Panels

48" x 30"11,865 lbs.DP4830
60" x 30"11,865 lbs.DP6030
48" x 36"8,247 lbs.DP4836
60" x 36"8,247 lbs.DP6036
48" x 42"6,057 lbs.DP4842
60" x 42"6,057 lbs.DP6042
48" x 48"5,198 lbs.DP4848
60" x 48"5,198 lbs.DP6048
Wire Decking

Heavy-duty waterfall decking features a 2½" x 4" 6-gauge wire mesh with 14-gauge steel channels for safe, durable storage and ease of installation. Meets all fire and safety regulations. Available in Frost Gray.

Wire decking sizes necessary to fit Lyon pallet rack
Beam WidthWire Decking Sizes
90"(2) 44"W
96"(2) 46"W
102"(1) 46"W and (1) 52"W
108"(2) 52"W
120"(2) 58"W
144"(3) 46"W
W x D# ChannelsCapacityCat. No.

Wire Decking

46" x 30"33,000 lbs.WD4630H
52" x 30"33,000 lbs.WD5230H
44" x 36"33,000 lbs.WD4436H
46" x 36"33,000 lbs.WD4636H
52" x 36"33,000 lbs.WD5236H
58" x 36"33,000 lbs.WD5836H
46" x 42"43,000 lbs.WD4642H
46" x 42"32,500 lbs.WD4642L
52" x 42"43,000 lbs.WD5242H
52" x 42"32,500 lbs.WD5242L
58" x 42"43,000 lbs.WD5842H
58" x 42"32,500 lbs.WD5842L
44" x 48"32,250 lbs.WD4448L
46" x 48"42,800 lbs.WD4648H
46" x 48"32,250 lbs.WD4648L
52" x 48"42,800 lbs.WD5248H
52" x 48"32,250 lbs.WD5248L
58" x 48"32,250 lbs.WD5848L


FROM MATERIAL FLOW 1-800-338-1382

Step 4

Select Accessories

(A) Front-to-Back Support

Reduces the likelihood of inaccurately placed pallets falling through.

(B) Plywood Support Channel

To support plywood or other decking material, or as front-to-back member between beams.

(C) Skid Support

Provides secure, easily adjustable base for skid runners.

(D) Fork Entry Bar

Solid base and proper fork clearance for non-palletized loads.

(E) Drum Cradle

For safe storage of cylindrical items. Welded unit fits securely on beams.

DimensionCapacityCat. No.

Front-to-Back Support

36" Deep1,840 lbs.FBSUP36
42" Deep1,540 lbs.FBSUP42
48" Deep1,320 lbs.FBSUP48

Plywood Support Channel

36" Deep730 lbs.PWSUP36
42" Deep610 lbs.PWSUP42
48" Deep530 lbs.PWSUP48

Skid Support

36" Deep650 lbs.SKSUP36
42" Deep550 lbs.SKSUP42
48" Deep475 lbs.SKSUP48

Fork Entry Bar

36" Deep7000 lbs.FEBAR36
42" Deep6000 lbs.FEBAR42
36" Deep5000 lbs.FEBAR48

Drum Cradle

36" Deep3750 lbs.DRCD36

(F) Impact Support

Provides extra protection against abuse. Bolt on the floor only. Finish is Safety Yellow.

No. IMSUP12 - 12" high

No. IMSUP24 - 24" high

No. IMSUP36 - 36" high

No. IMSUP48 - 48" high

Upright Anchor

Optional wedge-type anchor can be used to secure column posts. ½" dia. x 3¾" long.

No. 25163

(G) Shim Plate

Nests under footplate. Unpainted.

No. FLSH34

(H), (I) Row Spacers & Wall Ties

Row spacer provides a stabilizing connection for back-to-back rows of racks; wall ties provide stability and consistent spacing from the wall. Galvanized construction resists rust and corrosion. Two spacers recommended for each pair of uprights. Bolts included.

DimensionCat. No.

Row Spacer


Wall Tie


NOTE: Load-carrying capacities for individual accessories listed are based on evenly distributed loads and are limited by the support capacity of the beams and/or upright assemblies. When skid supports, fork-entry bars and/or front-to-back supports are used to support the load, the weight is not evenly distributed to the beam and, therefore, beam capacities are reduced significantly.

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