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What are conveyors good for?

Trough Bed Belt Conveyors Roach's Trough Bed Belt Conveyor is ideal for handling chips, slugs, scrap wood, paper waste, boxes, packages, and cartons. The trough frame design offers integral guard rails for many trash conveyor and other bulk material handling applications.

Slider Bed Belt Conveyors These are the most popular of all powered conveyors.  These conveyors are great for transporting goods for packing, testing, inspecting and many other assembly line operations.

Roller Bed Belt Conveyors This type of conveyor is well suited for transporting boxes or cartons with lesser horsepower requirements than slider bed belt conveyors.

Roller Bed Inclined Floor-to-Floor Belt Conveyors This type of conveyor is excellent when used as a mezzanine or storage platform conveyor.  It provides higher load capacity, reversible flow, and allows for simple adjustments for inclines of 0° to 35°.

Slider Bed Inclined Floor-to-Floor Belt Conveyors Pretty much the same as the roller bed inclined conveyor except the black PVC ruff-top belting has a solid steel plate underneath it.  An excellent choice for transporting tires or bulky products.

Heavy Duty Roller Bed Belt Conveyors These conveyors are used for heavier unit loads or packages.  The heavy duty roller bed construction makes this type of conveyor ideal for transporting heavy loads with low power requirements.

Light Duty Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyors This type of conveyor is well suited for horizontal conveying of items where transfers, side loading/unloading, or temporary accumulation is required for light duty applications or when small items are conveyed (requiring close standard roller spacing).

Medium Duty Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyor Curves These curved conveyor sections feature tapered rollers to maintain product orientation.  Standard 45°, 90° and 180° curve sections available.

Medium Duty Cam Adjusted Live Roller Conveyors These conveyors are best suited for side loading, unloading, or temporary accumulation.  Its unique cam allows tread roller drive pressure to be adjusted in only seconds.

Heavy Duty Cam Adjusted Live Roller Conveyors This type of conveyor is a great choice to horizontally convey heavy unit loads.  Its standard center drive allows for reversible operation.

Light Duty Variable Pressure Live Roller Accumulator Conveyors This type of conveyor accumulates goods safely and with minimum back pressure.  Packages of uniform weight can be accumulated temporarily using pneumatic package stops.

Medium Duty Zero Pressure Live Roller Accumulator Conveyors This conveyor safely accumulates packages by zone with photo electric sensors.  No minimum weight limitations.

Heavy Duty Zero Pressure Accumulator Conveyors This conveyor accumulates heavy products, containers, and pallets in 5' zones using photo electric sensors.  Heavy loads weighing up to 3000 lbs may be safely accumulated.

Medium Duty Chain Driven Zero Pressure Accumulator Conveyors This conveyor type safely accumulates medium duty loads in 5' zones.  Smart zone technology is easy to install and simple to maintain.

Heavy Duty Chain Driven Zero Pressure Accumulator Conveyors This conveyor is a heavy duty roll-to -roll chain driven zero pressure accumulator conveyor.  Safely accumulates heavy products such as castings, drums, containers and heavy pallet loads in 5' zones.

Line Shaft Zero Pressure Accumulator Conveyors This zero pressure line shaft driven conveyor is ideal for numerous light to medium duty applications since curves, spurs, and other modules may be driven by a single drive and photo eye controlled smart zone.

Light Duty Line Shaft Driven Live Roller Conveyors This conveyor type is meant for light duty loads.  Curves, spurs, and a number of accessories my be driven by a single drive.

Line Shaft Driven Live Roller Conveyors This conveyor has gained widespread usage with its unique design.  A single drive can be used for curves, spurs, and a number of accessories.  This is one of the most popular conveyors available.

3-Strand 90° Round Belt Transfers This type of conveyor unit provides an excellent method of transferring up to 100 lbs of product at 90° intervals.  No drive is necessary when mounted into other line shaft driven conveyor units.

Powered Roller Zero Pressure Accumulator Conveyors The powered roller accumulator conveyor has revolutionized the automated conveyor industry.  Motorized rollers drive the conveyors, eliminating the need for drive belts, chains, or line shafts.  Can be photo eye controlled.

Medium Duty Roll-to-Roll Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors Chain driven live roller conveyors are designed to transport loads such as tote pans, castings, drums or medium pallet loads.

Heavy Duty Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors This type of conveyor is designed to convey heavier tote pans, castings, drums, bulky loads, and heavy load pallets.

EXTRA Heavy Duty Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors Used for transporting very heavy unit loads.  Rollers are .300 wall.

2-Strand Chain Drag Conveyors This conveyor is used for conveying material/products that have unusual characteristics, which can be specialty pallets or tote pans for example.

Medium Duty Continuous Rotation Powered Turntables These turntables are effectively used in tight quarters where large radius curves cannot be positioned.  These units can handle a variety of package sizes at once.

Heavy Duty Indexing Powered Turntables These turntables are an excellent choice for building wooded pallets, cabinets, or painting applications.

Heavy Duty Slat Conveyors These conveyors are used for conveying unstable, irregular shaped objects or with problem bottom surfaces.  Commonly used in appliance and furniture handling.  Also an excellent choice in assembly line operations.

Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors Use these conveyors in a variety of conditions to convey hot, cold, or oily products in an oven or other specialty conditions.

Part Conveyors These conveyors may be placed underneath machinery to accept parts, chips, slugs, or other types of scrap.

Plastic Belt Conveyors These conveyors are used to transport packages around packing stations, testing, inspecting, and various other assembly line operations.  Heavy duty models are available.

Roller Top Plastic Belt Conveyors These conveyors are ideal for applications requiring 90° product transfers in assembly line operations.

Rail Wheel Gravity Conveyors These conveyors are used in pallet flow applications, both in pallet racks or floor mounted.  Can convey pallets or slave boards.

Steel Skate Wheel Conveyors These conveyors are used in gravity applications when tracking is a problem.

Ball Transfer Units This type of conveyor is used where multi directional assembly and packing station movement is involved.  Also used by many manufacturing companies.

Poly Tier Conveyor Supports These supports allow for multi stacking of conveyor sections.

Light Duty Tripod Conveyor Supports Used for fast setup or temporary installitions.

Permanent Conveyor Supports Used for powered or gravity conveyor applications.

Conveyor Rollers for Gravity & Power Applications Available in sizes from 1" diameter to 3.5" diameter.

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