Wednesday, March 2, 2022

How to design and get the right components for a pallet rack

What are pallet racks? Pallet racks are used for improved industrial, warehouse storage. They store things vertically, making it more space efficient. There are three basic parts to a pallet rack: Upright frames, rack beams, and decking.

    Upright frames are the vertical posts that are on the sides of each pallet rack. All frames can have one beam on either side. You can customize the height the frames to your needs.

    Rack beams go from upright to upright to support your pallets. They vary in width and length depending on the amount of weight that will be supported and how far apart your upright frames are. 


While decking is not necessary for pallet racks, they are a preventative from things falling through your pallet racks. They help support any items you may have on the rack from falling through and possibly hurting someone or damaging your pallets below.

    Now, you may be wondering, “How do I pick the right parts for my pallet racking?” Don’t worry, Material flow has created a document to help you select all the necessary components for your pallet racking, from they type of pallets you use to the turning radius of your lift truck. If you still have any questions or need some reassurance on which parts to pick, any one of our highly qualified representatives would be glad to help you.

    We've included the document below to help you find which components you will need to select the correct components to a pallet rack designed specifically for you.

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